Special thanks to Angel’s fans who made my book #1 and for NBC 7/39 for featuring Angel on Clear the Shelter Day!

Dedicated to breaking the barrier of the spoken word, my mission is to give a voice to the animals that cannot speak.
To teach others to look at the spirit within through the eyes of the heart in order to gain a better understanding of the truth that lies within.”

Babe loving life


I created this web site because my love for iguanas has become my passion in life. I am simply a girl who devoted the last 30 years of my life communicating with and learning to understand the true nature of this incredible creature.

After the passing of my iguana Babe, I found solace and healing in helping others with their iguanas.

I loved him so much I brought him to the University of Nevada to have him 3-D printed. With the help of the staff at DeLaMare Library I was able to create a model of him.
The UNR Team ready to scan my boy!

My dad took it one step further and with his artistic ability we have been able to immortalize his image in a life-like way.

100_2461When I rescued “Angel” from the animal shelter in January of 2015, I decided that I would document our journey together.

A wild, unadoptable girl, she sat there for five months before I realized I had no choice but to bring her into my life….and so my mission began.

Not only will you find posts documenting our trials and tribulations, you will witness her progress and just how I tame her using my method of animal communication.

Mary Francis Wilder