Adoption Day

Well I did it. I adopted Angel today! I am over joyed, yet fearful at the same time. I have been alone so long and have enjoyed being free to do what I wanted when I wanted. Now I have a responsibility that I take very serious.

Angel at the shelter
Angel at the shelter

Iguanas can live up to 20 years and that is a long, long time. Just to think that I have actually done it. The pain I suffered when I lost Babe was so hard to endure. The last years of his life are still imprinted on me.

Am I really ready for this?

100_2461The reality is I have to be ready. There is no way I can turn my back on Angel, it is no longer an option and I realize that now. The anxiety I have gone through in knowing she was living at the shelter is too much for me and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I walked away from her. I’m her only hope and I know that. The only thing that pulls me thru this is that I know St. Francis has a plan for me. That he is the one that helped guide her spirit to me. That there is a reason for all this.

Perhaps it will fuel my purpose in life and to teach others to communicate with spirit within all of God’s creatures. It looks like this is what’s happening.

The coming days will require alot of patience, a virtue I lack in. My friend Eda, prepared me hold tight and get ready for the ride. I hope I am up to it because there is no turning back now.

I picked her up during my lunch break and she was amazingly calm during the drive home. Even driving under the overpasses didn’t spook her as they normally would. She could feel my positive energy and her mind was waking up and filling with interesting thoughts again. I had a harness on her and she allowed me to take her from the dash and gently pick her up without hesitation. I was amazed!


I brought her to her room, but the enormous size of it made her uncomfortable. She is used to being in a small confined space and she needs to feel secure. I placed a blanket in a drawer in gave her a cubby to hide in. She went at once  and hid.  I didn’t disturb her, she had a right to privacy and it was something she need terribly. She had been on display with no place to hide for nearly half a year and that is a very long time for any creature.

Angel's first morning

I set out  food, turned on her lights and electric blanket on  and went to work.

When I returned I found books scatted on the floor from the bookcase above. She had climb up and wedged herself a safe place to sleep. I put on my gloves and p brought her to my room. I had prepared a sleeping spot for her in a drawer. I placed an electric blanket in side and put the temperature on a low setting.  I delighted that she hopped in and slept all night. It was a good beginning.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 🙂