Day 1 – Showing her Love

Angel_24 105_2510 webThe first thing she does on rising is go to the bathroom. I  clean it up and make a noise that she will associate potty to in the future. I show her the paper towel and make the noise. I tell her it is OK, she is good.

I bring her into the shower, place her there and put the paper towel with the poo on it near her. I make the noise again. I praise her and tell her this is where she is to go potty.

101_3140I allow her to exit the shower on her own. In entering the room, her body bends back and she extends her tail as to warn me of attack. She processed to run and hide behind a pillow. I pick her up and place her in the sunny window. She dashes to the window and forcefully rubs her nose to escape.

At this point I remember not to let her get close to my face, her claws are sharp and can do damage, she has teeth and could bite. Not showing fear, I just remind myself to be aware and keep her away from my face and head.

I pet her and talk to her calmly. She is very frightened and squirming to get away. Gentle force keeps her near. I can not let her win yet. I release her when she is calmed, remove my hands from her body and allow her freedom. She waits for a bit, the dashes off the bed and into the corner.

I bring her breakfast in the room, cut it up and arrange is in a pretty way, I let her watch me. I move the food from side to side and watch her eyes follow it, I have her attention. I do mediation and whispering for about 5-10 minutes.

Angel_09 100_3032 websmallerWhen I open my eyes I gaze at her, I pick up some of the food and place it as if it is growing from my hand. My palm is down, the food is coming from the top of my hand, this is so the fingers are not a threat. She runs. I take time in retrieving her, but she is cornered and afraid.

Still I pick her up and press her to my body for her to be still. I tell her she is good, touch the food dish, let her eyes watch me move the plate. I leave her and return later. She has eaten.

Tomorrow will be another day.