Day 10 – “I Am Smarter Than an Iguana!”

Today it seems to be getting harder, not easier. We are playing tug of war with who is the Alpha.

My mantra is “I’m smarter than an iguana”, I keep repeating it as I iguana proof her hiding spots and provide her with ones more manageable to me. I try to keep a sense of humor in this as I surround the base of the bed with cardboard. That little sucker is not going to hide under that bed again! I am smarter than and iguana!

I’m getting frustrated but I realize things will be difficult for the first weeks, but day by day things are improving, she is learning. She exhibits intelligence and curiosity, I’m pleased she is smarter than most, but at the same time I realize this makes my task harder. “I’m smarter than an iguana; I’m smarter than an iguana…”

Last night was difficult; I made a mistake. I lost it and yelled at her. I was at my wits end and got frustrated with lack of appreciation of such a nice, safe, warm spot in the drawer.

I told her she was so lucky, that I was trying so hard, and without any appreciation. I threatened to take her back to the shelter. (not that I would, but it was the energy stream that I wanted her to feel). She felt the message and it was proven by the fact that she amazing went to bed and was quiet as a lamb all night.

Obviously I had gotten her attention.

But the next morning she had taken two steps back by my scolding. The progress I made was scarred by my impatience and I had to do something positive to reverse it.

I figured she had been her week, it was time to get her out and go for a ride, and do something fun together. I put on her harness and tested it in the house to make sure it was secure.

In the car I made her ride near me and she began to be content and OK with this. We drove east instead of west. She hadn’t gone this way before and she was intrigued.

We visited a house where they were selling an enclosure. I took her in with me to see it. I place her inside, though I knew it was too small. She explored and then came out and clinged to me. It showed she accepted me as her protector in this strange environment.

This proves that someday this behavior will be common place. I am so looking forward to that day. We spent about an hour out driving and then I brought her home.

I drove up to Oceanside, nearly an hour away to see another enclosure. It was a EXOTERRA, the rolls Royce of enclosures, the price was right. I fell in love with it bought it, It was so large that I had to rent a truck from Home Depot to get it home. It took me a total of 5 hours and my angel of a neighbor helped me get it out of the turck and into my garage. It will take time to set up; but I have found the only spot it will fit. It is 36x36x18 and it is a dream vivarium. I hope she likes it and appreciates it.

Found a trampoline net on craigslist and God willing, it will be mine to enclose the outdoor habitat I’m trying to build for the spring.

When I got home, Angel was sleeping in a corner of the room; I had blocked off all hiding spots so I wouldn’t be so frustrated in finding her. I put her in the drawer with a warm blanket and she was much better at falling asleep.

Her excursion of the day proved helpful Being tired seems to help her chill out. Maybe she just needs to have a good memory to look back at the end of the day. Something that made her feel the day was complete and not wasted, just like we all do.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.