Week 3 – First trip to the Beach

A friend and I took Angel to the beach! It was a beautiful January day and Angel was all excited with joy!

Beach 101_3211 web

It was the first time she had gone and she really enjoyed getting out and seeing that there was more than a cage at the shelter and the home she is so fighting to accept
I was worried about her behavior since it has only been a couple weeks. I  was also anxious cuz this is a dear friend I don’t see often and wasn’t sure how she was going to behave. I was thankful and grateful for her generous spirit of letting her come along.


I wore a large warm fleece oversized sweater and placed her underneath. I harnessed her and leashed her and hid her underneath. I wrapped my neck as not to get any scratches, preparing myself so in case she acted up I wouldn’t act like it was all that big of a deal. Didn’t want my friend to have a bad impression of her.

I know there would be a lot of ooh and awes and she isn’t ready to be petted and handled without fear of her biting or misbehaving.

beach 101_3206 web

We had coffee and sat on a bench. She wanted to explore and I let her free on the leash. She proceeded to walk out the entire 25 feet and then begin to try to run and escape from the harness, alligator rolled and the. I continued to bring her back and she was over all OK, but needed pliantly of babysitting

We walked a good miles down the beach. It was cold and windy so she sat secured under my sweater, peeking her head out.
She ventured onto my hat and I allowed her tine in the sun as we walked.

Beach 101_3215 web

It bonded us and although, she still wanted to get out and be away from me and find her own life, One day she will realize to simply enjoy the experience. That outings are fine, but there is no place like home.

With time she will come to understand this.

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