Week 3 – Beginning to Bond

BoToday it has been 3 weeks. She bobbed for the first time yesterday!! The head bobbing was encouraging; she sure acts like a boy! Our routine on my days off is the following:

Her morning begins with a warm greeting. I check to see if she is warm and she is still frightened of being touched. The ceramic heat bulb with the heat rope wrapped on her branch is working well, but she is only about 80 and for me that is just not warm enough. I need to make some sort of cubby. She sneezes and snalts too much for me not to be concerned.


I place her food on the bottom of the enclosure. I then sit down on the couch and then let her watch me eat my breakfast. Intrigued, and with a big, big appetite she come down to eat too, and this is the first stage of bonding.

About 10 am I take her to the shower. She potties and soaks in a tub of water, I bought a kitty litter box and it is working well.

I hold and warm her afterwards for about 20 minutes. I take this time to whisper with her.

Afterwards her pampering I offer her fresh greens and 4 grapes dipped in calcium powder. These are currently her favorite treat. It is a great way to insure she gets her supplements too.

During the day I work at my computer as she watches from her home. I vacuum her cage, do chores, and go on errands. If the weather is right I will take her with me,

On sunny days I take her outside with her harness on. I set up a branch high atop an arbor and she enjoys the view. She is good for about an hour, then the curiosity of the yard is too much for her and she begins to wander.