Week 6 – Allowing Exploration

Finally she lets me put my hand in her enclosure and pet her without drawing back, at least SOME times. Other times she displays by pulling back her tail and opening her mouth, but it more about don’t bother me, I’m happy and comfortable and leave me alone.

In the mornings when I don’t work, I bring her to my room and we cuddle for a half hour or so, I begin this time with a whisper then petting her with slow strokes.

101_5457I take this time to moisturize dry spikes that keep falling off, leaving her will a bald back, I believe due to lack of humidity and improper shedding, the blood flow was cut off from her spikes. I’m having been soaking her daily for 4 weeks, and still they are tight and will not come off.

She is soaking up the attention I give her, she is becoming a little cuddle bunny and it make me happy to see she has come so far.

She loves her car rides too. She is getting familiar with the car and really enjoys the stimulation. The heater allows me to keep it nice and warm and she will snuggle under my sweater when we go to the store.

I always keep her harness on attached to her retractable leash. It proves to put my mind at ease and allows me to let her down when I visit the park or friend’s home.



She is also allowed to bask outdoors on the top of a geranium covered trellis. I watch her while I work on my computer and she is really content there. I placed a large branch on top and she loves to explore and climb on it.

Her mind is being exercised with learning and is expanding with new found knowledge. This is essential to training an iguana. They are very receptive to learning new things, new words and hand signals.

Though it takes time and repetition, their intelligence will amaze you. This is what makes them unique. The little mind of the iguana is amazing.