Week 9 – Our trip is around the corner

I can pick her up at nearly any time. I let her scoot down the hall by herself; she will run a bit, but not a panicking at full speed. No more slipping and sliding on the floor, just a nice comfortable gate.

Most days are very good, but today she went to the bay and beach and was full of herself. I was with a friend and she began to try to escape and alligator roll out of her harness. She has nearly removed it 3 times and knows it is possible if she fusses, rolls and pulls back. I need to make the arms smaller on her harness, and the soft thin leather I used is starting to stretch out. I’m going to have my dad help me with the design when we go to Reno next week.

Speaking of Reno, I’m making her shipping box, and started using the bed that will be inside the box as a pillow, so it will smell like me. I’m anxious with worry about putting her on board in cargo, but Southwest says she will make it in the unpressurized cargo cabin.

I called my vet Dr. Boyer and he assured me reptiles are shipped all the time in unpressurized cabins. Only thing to concern myself with is that there is a heat source in the box.

I found “snuggle safe” microwavable heating pad that lasts 10 hours. This is something she can lay on, unlike the shipping heat packs you place on the top of the box. I feel comfortable that she will have a nice ride.

I have to try it and see how it goes; I can always rent a car home. I’m doing a video of the ordeal, still my anxiety is awful.

I made a video of how to make the box and put a page up on my website about how to do it.