Month 3 – Back from Reno

After returning from Reno there has been a big change. The experience has made Angel realize that together we are one, that I love her and she is safe with me.

She is becoming calm, confident and becoming trustworthy in a varitety of situations. The only issue we have right now is bed time and where she wants to sleep. My goal is to have her sleep in my room, but she has not found a place she likes, even if I bring her bed to my room she fights it and goes looking thru the house for someplace cold and dark and dusty. She prefers corners of the room and places she can wedge into. She just wants to feel safe. I just want her to be warm and, of course, safe as well. It will take time.

I’m getting her accustomed to waking up near me by taking her out of her bed in the middle of the night and bringing her into my bed. It is working. After only 3 nights, 3 being the magic number, she is calm in the window as the morning sun comes in, exploring the room without fear and accepting of new things. She doesn’t run or flee, she allows me to pick him up at any time. Can ride in the car and be taken out without a fuss.

She has come to an understanding and respects me and knows I respect her that we are equal, but I’m am establishing myself as the alpha.