Month 5 – Bedtime is still an issue

It has been nearly 5 months now and Angel is becoming an angel, at least most of the time. She is turning into a sweet, loving, and appreciative little girl.

She has a nice set up indoors, but because she has a tendancy to wander off to find a cold, dark, hiding place to snuggle, I still have to keep her confined on my working days. She is OK until 4 pm and then her natural tendency to find a place to sleep kicks in.

I have given her a nice snuggle spot within her home, but it seems she just wants out and with her increase in eating, she needs to potty about that time, so now I’m greeted with a mess to clean up as well.

It bothers me that she continues to hurt the scarred area around her eye by rubbing to get out.

1st_2497Sleeping has been difficult. She seems to still be on shelter time, not wanting to rise until 9 or 10. Even when I get home for lunch, I often times find her in snuggle hut in her enclosure at noon, just waiting for me to take her out. She has no initiative to rise. I guess from her point of view, there’s not much going on in an enclosure.

She wants to hunker down by 4:30 or 5 and the days are longer and she isn’t really tired yet.

I hold her while I watch the news, petting her and telling her what a good girl she is. She is beginning to accept affection now, it is a turning point.

She still wants to dart away at times, but she is realizing the joy of friendship. She has seen how I try to make her life good.

Thinking like an iguana I realized she wanted to wedge between things. She wanted a solid surface on both sides. So I put a cat bed inside a cabinet then I placed an electric blanket within. She isn’t really happy with it and it takes time for her to settle in but it is the best I can do until we finally on an acceptable spot.

Who would have thought bedtime would still be an issue after 5 months…not me!