Month 5 – New Outdoor Enclosure!

I had friends help me put together a new enclosure outside  for Angel!

I had two room dividers, we put them together and covered in it screen and plastic poultry netting.angel basking outdoors_3624

She is relishing the outdoor experience and is content in her new outdoor space. I was fearful that she would try to escape and rub to get out, but the size and the set up has been a big hit.

The secret is that she feels secure inside it. She feels safe from predator’s, she has found comfort inside her habitat! I am so happy that she is is happy!!

I placed a large jade plan inside and placed branches everywhere. I added little shelves here and there to lounge on. I place plastic around it on windy days to keep the temperature consistent and warm.100_3732

Days are still a bit nippy in May and June gloom mornings are coming. On the side of the house I have experimented with total freedom, or should I say controlled freedom. She has a large area to leave form the kitchen window and can travel to the fence and even climb a tree if she wants too.

Basking in in February

I have been spending nearly all my free time figuring out how to perfect her environment.  It takes time, but the work I put into this now, will pay off big in the future, and I know this. The money I spend on building and creating a space we can both enjoy will be worth it.