Month 7 – Finally she accepts me!

August 10, 2015

So much has changed in the past few weeks. Angel has had a full turn around. It has happened. She has accepted me and our home. Health wise I was set back when I saw foam and water in her mouth on the 7th. I thought it was all in the past. I allow her to regulate her own body temp outside. She has full freedom on her basking branch and sunning lounge when I am home, and occasionally I will leave her out for an hour or so I know now that she will want to roam at about 3:30 if she is able.

I watch her exit ,making her way passed the pond and to sliding door to come in for the night. On a few occasions she has tried to wander to hide in the brick planter, but even then, she is not trying to escape, only trying to find refuge for the night. This is encouraging and I am very happy about what the future may hold.

Last week it was finally getting warm, 88, out, and in the morning she got up before I left, which was 7:20.

So I took her little snuggle hut and put it out in her outdoor enclosure. I think this is when her cold returned. Iguanas should be fine for an hour or two at 75 degrees; she was warm when she started. It is a chronic infection, if I can’t get it gone by the end of summer, it is sure to return in winter.

Speaking of winter, I am trying to figure out what I will do about her daytime home. I found a cat cage that goes in the window, I need to go take a look at it, and she may or may not like it. At least it looks nice, but pricey at $200

Anyway, back to her being my best friend now, we went back to the shelter to say hello. She seemed to remember where she was, yet it seemed to be a distant memory for her. I brought her into her old room. It was rearranges and they had put the cage by the window. Something I had asked they do for the newcomers that had since been adopted. I placed her on the top and she smelled. She didn’t panic but when I picked her up, she grabbed me tightly and snuggled her little head close against my face and neck as if to say, I want to be with you. It was a turning point. When I brought her back to the car she was happy. She allowed me to hold her on my shoulder while we drove away. I am beginning to think young iguana’s memories are more fleeting than the older ones. Babe remembered things forever. Perhaps like we are in our childhood, memories are fleeting and forgotten as we develop.

She is growing fast now, every couple months, her head is smaller than her body, or it seems. She is now 14 inches t to snout and her tail has grown back about 8 inches. Just about an inch a month. Her color is better, her temperament is wonderful. Only on the 3 days as I work does she lash out in protest and fall into her old ways.

She has taken to riding in a large purse now. I can bring her with me to the store and beach and well, anywhere without worry. In a new location of a friend’s home, she will case the entire area, going around every wall. She still wants to dig into the corner of a room, or looks up to climb. I keep wondering what she had in her past or what instinct drives her to find a place to hide. She has found one place she really likes, that is my closet. She climbs up to the clothes and sits on the hangers. I have just about found every hiding spot she could go. She is predictable, but still it is an effort to find her.

All in all I am very happy and see babe in her, helping her, influencing her, teaching her. We go back to Reno end of august. It will be only one more time in this box, come Christmas, it will have to be a larger size. J