Month 8- Our 3rd trip to Reno

Angel and I just returned from our trip to Reno. She was remarkable. Not only did she remember where she was, but this time she went into the yard and up to the stairs and to the sliding door and when it was opened she went in. This without any coaching of tapping of my feet. When she returned home she got down from the bed and I left the room to make coffee. Shen I returned I found her in the shower going potty. Again, with no coaching or coaxing from me!

I find this joyful!

In Reno she was an excellent guest and displayed only affection and curiosity. She did have one encounter with a large maple tree, which she climbed up 20 feet while I was distracted. Her harness and least were too high to grasp, but I had assistance from my mom and sister in law and grabbed a ski pole to get the leash while my sister in law brought me a ladder. She held it while I climbed to nearly the top rung and grasped the little climber. I should have carried her all the way down, but I handed her to my helper and the leash was caught in the ladder. Jaynce little angle hung from her leather harness and was quite scared, but my design of the leather vest, proved not to harm her and although quite shaken from her ordeal, and perhaps a bit sore from the strains of trying to pull out of it, she was safe in my arms.

That evening she didn’t try to come into the house at her usual 4:30 time. She actually stayed in the window of the sunroom until 6pm and I had to bring her to bed. She snuggled into the closet and slept like a log all night. I did worry that she may have been injured herself, because of her odd behavior of not coming into the house, but then realized that she thought I was a bit mad at her and didn’t want to face the music. She was also a bit upset at the ordeal and I think she realized that when you climb a tree, you have to come down. On the tree she did try to come down backwards, like I had seen cats do, and then she tried head first. It was a learning experience for both of us.