Month 9 – Cuddling Season

October 17

Angel has come a long way. She is very spirited and her training has begun. Whispering has taken a new turn. Early morning I take her from her bed and bring her into mine. I cuddle her while she sleeps, I snuggle her head close to mine and tell her that I love her. When she awakes, I take the opportunity to whisper. I go into her mind and lift her gently and she is calm and trusting. I show her how I want her to be gentle with me when I hold her and how she should move slowly and not hurt me when I let her down. At this time I am also receptive to her needs and wants. I allow her to throw pictures into my mind and listen with my heart. I see she is just fearful of ME hurting her! The way I hold her is not comfortable and I need to be more careful with her. She is sensitive and reverts to fear when being held. Together we meet a common ground of understanding and I end our session with kind words and a gentle hug. I allow her to sleep in while I write and do my thing.

The rest of the day went as well as it could be. She wakened to breakfast in bed. Her appetite has decreased since the Fall solstice, which is normal. She spends the mornings in my room on an electric blanket and under a warm lamp. It has been cold and cloudy, so she needs to be indoors now. With the winter coming, I am preparing her South facing window. I bought a nice shelving unit and spent yesterday rearranging the room and getting everything ready for the new addition. My Babe used to be content lying on big pillows on the bed, he was a senior and not nearly as active as this little one. Everyone enjoyed watching Babe in the window. Many have asked where my new girl is and I am looking forward to having a nice area that my neighbors can gaze into and say hello when they pass by.

We went for rides today and she was very receptive. She even snuggled at the end of the day and we napped before she became eager to go to “her” bed in the closet.

I credit this to our whisper, but also to the fact that it is Babe’s anniversary of years, 11 months since his passing. The spirit never dies and animals always return to us. I feel their journey on the other side is simpler and they come back more often to visit. It is very obvious to me. I feel his presence and witness it through my Angel ALL the time, so today was a special day.