Month 10 – Building her Winter Window Lounge!



Yesterday I let Angel watch me build her new window area. She loves it and was quite excited about all the hoop-la-la about her. She went for rides and then cuddled and slept with me for an hour before she went to bed in her closet.angel web_0008__DSC3636It looks like she loves her new window lounge. The shelving unit I picked up works great, along with the greenery she seems to be quite happy in it. the top shelf is aliitle high for catching all the sun of the day, but for the months of November, December and January it should be good. By Feb she should be going outside again.

angel web_0007__DSC3637

She continues to bob at the mirror and tries to bite her reflection. I never knew females were as aggressive as males, maybe I just have a tom boy alpha!