Month 11 – Christmas travel to Reno

Angel had a great trip to Reno. My cargo handlers Tashi and Paul were in San Diego, and John and Dennis were in Reno. Being winter and the holidays I was concerned about flight delays and the warmth of the box.

I microwaved the snuggle safe for 4 ½ minutes this time. She was just warm enough, though it being a bigger box now, in hindsight, 5 minutes would have been OK, but always better to be on the side of caution.


The pilot announced no drink service, since it was going to be turbulent. Great! I did what I always do, prayed to St. Francis to help me in this time of need, and he came thru, not a bump and even a gentle landing as the snow fell all around us! God is Good!

In the morning, Angel was a bit dismayed when she saw the bareness of winter. “What happened to Camelot”? was her reaction when she looked outside the window upon the white snow and leafless trees.

angel web_0014_DSCN0209Since November, I noticed a big decline in food intake, which is normal after the fall solstice, and her poo is small, which I guess is due to her not eating. But nevertheless I feel she is with egg.

So much so that I brought her to Dr. Boyer before I left to see what he thought. He said if she was gravid, (with egg) she wasn’t showing yet but it was the right time of year for her to lay. He told me I would be able to tell because she would stop eating for 2 weeks! 2 weeks!? He also said that since she is an adult now I can cut back on the calcium to once a week and the minerals to once a month, unless she is gravid.

So…since she arrived in Reno she hasn’t eaten much and her food intake has dwindled down to nearly nothing…oh, my. Sometimes, I have to push something in her mouth that I have dusted with calcium.

I put her in the bathroom and run the sink and offer her a drink of water from a glass that I drip in front of her. It works well. She is thirsty and drinks her share in the morning and evening. Her poo is raisin small.

Today I’ll see if I can get an appointment with her Reno vet Dr. Maker. I’d like to get an x-ray and see what’s going on inside, eggs or a blockage, or perhaps just peace of mind for me. Just never had a girl iguana and with boys you just have to deal with the aggression, which is easily fixed with giving them a surrogate. A stuffed dinosaur or alligator used to be babes favorite during the breeding season.

As far as her lounging set up, I bought a reptisun bulb for heat and uva/uvb and put pillows and electric blanket in the window of my room. She is abit isolated but took to it and stays there most of the day, watching the wind and rain and snow fall outside.

She gets down in the morning to potty and takes a walk downstairs where she rubs on the slider door to get out in “her” sunroom. I open the door and let her out so she can see how cold it is. She checks it out for signs of other iguanas and fights with her reflection in the windows.

Upstairs she goes to the back slider and wants to get on “her” deck. Yes, she remembers the house and all the places to go in it.

She constantly wants to get lost in the living room and finds refuge in hiding spots. I have spent a lot of time hunting for her, but I have been working a lot and she hasn’t had the attention she needs.

I am vacation now for 2 weeks so I will be spending more time with her. I am hoping today we are going to make an appearance at a pre-school as a featured guest. Angel will love today. She loves being the center of attention!