Month 11 – Christmas Day

It’s Christmas morning. A much better Christmas than last year when Angel was alone at the shelter for the holiday. I was so worried and stressed of her being there and then to find out later the volunteers who promised to care for her went on vacation and had other hardships so they were not able to visit for those 2 weeks.

I wish I would have taken her before Christmas, but it would have been so difficult bringing her to Reno and then back to San Diego. She was so unruly and unmanageable at first. I made the right decision, God had he reasons, I have to accept it. Young iguanas memories are short lived so this eases my mind.reno-xmas-2015_0006_Layer-0

Nearly a year later and I am so glad that I adopted her. She has turned out to be quite an intelligent girl, with a personality that shines. She has forgotton all about her previous life and loves the life of privilege she lives now.

I think she is definitely with egg. Her food intake has dwindled and I am lucky if she gets a bite in a day. I bring her to the sink and fill it up with water. I drizzle a glass of water in front of her and let her drink as it runs in front of her mouth.

I think I can see the eggs now. Her potty has changed. It began as narrow and ribbony, to that of small raisins, to now more like small mouse droppings. Am I concerned? Yes. But of course it has been a holiday week and I am hoping that her Reno Vet, Dr. Maker will be in next week. I plan on bringing her in for an evaluation.DSCN0223-web

Her last apt was on Dec 10 with Dr. Boyer. He said if she was gravid (with egg), she wasn’t showing yet, but the time of the year was right. He said she would stop eating for 2 weeks and her belly would fill out. When I notice that she is digging I am to give her a box to lay in. He suggested a plastic tub filled with about 12” of potting soil or coconut husks, but to make sure there was no perlite in the potting mix. I am to keep it warm with a heat source above.

I am thinking I will introduce her into a suitcase with an opening on top. She keeps trying to hide under the bed. so this seems like the place I will put it. I don’t know about putting potting soil in. I have seem others on YouTube that just lay in the cage, so if I try an electric blanket with other soft blanket inside, she may dig and make a cubby with them. It would be easier for me, the mess of the dirt in the house and all.

It’s Christmas, but I’ll try to make a box in between church and cooking the turkey.

I can’t feel the eggs yet, it is just her potty that worries me. What if it is a blockage? Next week I’ll get an Appointment with Dr. Maker to get an xray. It is going to be a Merry Christmas. I am with my family, snow has fallen and Christ is born 2,015 years ago!