Month 13 – Post-Spay

February 14, 2016

It has been nearly 3 weeks since angles surgery. She is doing great and healing well. The first thing I noticed about her is that she was elated about the loss of nearly 1 pound. So light on her feet she wanted to jump and climb as soon as she got out.

I have had to keep her from doing that but when I go to work I have found she has started to climb up everything she can. She even climbed the wall and I came home to jewelry and pictures on the floor. I was concerned about her pulling stiches loose, but she looks ok

Her wanting to cuddle diminished a bit, but I force her to lie with me for a half hour and just nap with her. She calms and it is a good thing for her to know that I love her and just want to hang.

He is allowing me to put my head close and lay it by hers now, something that after surgery she wanted no part of.

Surgery brought back a lot of old fears, and it is up to me to cast them aside.

I see a need to roam and move more. Possibly because she was so uncomfortable before and now appreciates the ability to move

I set up an area outside giving her more freedom and a shade cloth above. The overhead protection is what she likes. I am hoping to set up an iguana run from the house to her lounge so she can go out the window on her own in the morning like Babe used to do. I could trust Babe not to leave the yard, but this one has climbing trees on her mind.

I’ve been cleaning the yard and hope to have it done by spring.

Her food intake was enormous the first week but has tapered off to a bowl a day. She will eat treat foods viciously but I keep them down to a monument, she needs a balance diet.

I am going to the nursery to get some greens this weekend. Got some growing now, but need to get my garden seeds planted and the wine barrels ready for the spring ahead. It sure is nice to be able to go back there and pick them as I need them. Hoping to have enough so I can rely on what I grow. Will make a page about that.

I keep working on my book and website. All is good, Can’t wait to go to Reno next month, spring means the sunroom and the yard will be blooming. My friend is coming down to stay in the house when I leave which means I don’t have to worry about