June 2017 – Angel is starting to cuddle!

Let’s see. . . how long has it been? I have had angel for a good 2 and a half years now. This is her 3rd summer in Reno and she has matured into a fine young adult. She finally trusts me so much that she will allow a cuddle at night. It has taken time. I remember a year ago, as I started to bring her close before her bedtime and she would allow me a minute or two of holding her close and petting her.

Yesterday she didn’t want to stay in bed. The days are getting longer and yesterday she pushed her bedtime back to 6pm. I brought her close and watched the news with her as she snuggled close. She attempted to fall asleep, but when she awoke she was startled out of her calm zone and into reality. She didn’t like that she fell asleep outside of her cubby.

But she remained next to me willingly and cuddled for an hour! This was a milestone!

Last night I brought her into my bed in the early morning and she cuddled on my arm. She is still there as I write this.


As I watch her progression, I see the once wild and scared little lizard is finally maturing into a wise girl.

In the yard she is trustworthy. She is less likely to climb those big trees. They aren’t as appealing to her as they used to be, it is a bit harder to climb with her size and weight increasing.

She knows the yard well, but still wants to explore the back evergreens. Most of the time she is happy chilling on the bridge and she usually beelines up to the deck to relax.

I have a net over the top that protects her from hawks and I keep cardboard up to lessen the ease of going down the stairs or jumping onto the tall vine maple. She seems happy here, with a view of the yard, it is like being in the tallest of trees.

Yes I love my little girl! She still has her fear of hands and being grabbed, but I work with that and give her space. I find if I put my hands behind my back and just use my eyes and soft voice, with rub of my head against hers, she realizes my intent is merely love.

I think she is about full grown now. Oh she will gain more weight, and bulk out, but I think she is going to remain about 4 and a half feet. That’s fine with me, I used to love Babe’s size, but it would be harder to fly with her. God has his ways.