February 2018 – Angel accepts her territory

Well, it is obvious now that Angel has accepted our home and yard as her territory. This is great because it means she will stay here and guard it. She is not into running away and finding another place to call hers

Now that she is content and a young adult, she is a slower moving girl. I only find her jittery when she gets spooked by something.

That can be an obvious cat in the yard, or something I consider imaginary, like a bright color that catches her eye or something she just takes as a threat, like her reflection in the window.

I had the trees trimmed…finally and it is awesome out there in the yard. If she does decide to climb the tree, I now can find her and have Ramon! Ramon trimmed my trees and climbs up with spikey boots. He is available when that time comes. So, here is the answer I may need someday. The only issue I see is that angel is afraid of the camouflage attire, so that would have to be altered, and if she would be afraid of a stranger, I don’t know.

He trimmed my pom-pom and I am going to make a cover for it so she can climb and be protected from any predator in the air.

The tree trim has given me a new lease on life and I am welcoming in the coming spring to dress up the yard with healthy greens and snacks so she can begin to live in the yard more often.

Being territorial is a big plus with the iguana. This doesn’t mean they don’t need supervision, but I can give her an hour or two on the weekends. Want to address a new enclosure for her as well.

I saw branched wrapped with rope. This will allow her to grip and me to create new elements for climbing and intrigue…exciting time for us!