September 2018 – Finally my dream girl!

It has been 4 years since I walked into the shelter and found my little angel. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would adopt her. The fear in her ran so deep and she was petrified of human touch and interaction.

Fast forward 4 years and the change in the last few months have been epic. Is it safe to say the 5 years is the turning point of an iguana? That they have reached a level of maturity and there brain is finally developed? I say YES!

With her size and weight change and her scales harder and firmer and more protective, she had turned the corner and let her guard down, at least with me. Perhaps it is because of her hard armor that makes her feels stronger inside

Seeing that her body was changing into a mature iggie, this spring I realized it was time to adjust my handling of her.

I began carrying her on a small pillow to give her more stability and she appreciated the kindness. I raised my empathy for her and respected her needs more. Once again, she appreciated my understanding, respect developed more as well as our bond.
Today, no longer does she draw away from me as if she is afraid of being hit or pounced upon. Her trust is evident and truly, she is my girl.

It was a major step for her to truly trust me. It was evident for so long that she may have began her life with small children or owners unaware of how scary it is to be so small have large hands control you in a unthoughtful way. I wasn’t sure if her trait of total fear and mistrust would every leave her, but I have proved it is possible, with time, respect, and love. My balance of discipline and freedom has worked.She is now trustworthy to be left outside with supervision in “her” lounge area, and harness and leash when roaming and exploring “her” territory.

Angel is finally my girl!