November 2018 – Angel Turns FIVE!

My Angel turned Five today and we had a great day. Started with a nice breakfast with asparagus candles and a treat of pumpernickel bread with black beans sprinkled with her special supplements.

I adopted Babe when he was about 5 years old and adopted Angel when she was about one. Her wild and terrified behavior took years to overcome, and sometimes instinct takes over, she gets spooks and bolts for cover out of a deep fear.

But now, I believe five is the age of maturity. The brain is developed and there is a sense of confidence that brings serenity. Perhaps it is because they are large, their skin is thick and scales are sharp. Perhaps the experience of their younger years has deposited wisdom within.

I see she is territorial now she owns her yard and when she explores it the purpose is to insure all is clear of completion. I trust her more, knowing she will sunbathe and at 2-3 she will want to explore and that is when I have to bring her to a secure place in the house.Being November, it is colder now, the sun is not in the best location and her basking spot is only sunny a few hours and not always warm.

All in all, Angel is now my girl and I am very happy & in love with my big green girl. She has become a show stopper and she is getting abit too big to ride on the dash of my small car. I love her and I think she appreciates her life with me more and more everyday.