August 2019 – New found freedom!

Finally, I put in my time and can change my career course! I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life so I can finally focus on Angel, work with her and accomplish my writing goals! So, so exciting for us!

Being home all the time now she is loving the constant one-on-one, she can bask freely in the sun and is loving her new found freedom. Angel’s  birthday is in November. She’ll be six. Finally an adult, her territorial instincts are well in tact. She is happy and though she still wants exploration, she is content with life in our home and with me.

I am able to watch her and watch, observe and work with her more. She loves the attention and really loves to learn. She is intrigued by what I try to communicate and is eager to understand. Iguanas like to interact, but it has to be a fun thing.It is an exciting time for both of us!