Check out these videos!


Angel and I are interviewed by NBC’s Joe Little for Clear The Shelter Day!

Adoption Day!

This video shows the life Angel was living before I adopted her. It as 11am and no lights were on in her cage. Notice the empty stare of hopelessness and the total fear of human touch. Notice the change once she sees the light of day and feels the warmth of the sun on her face. She didn’t know it then, but she was about to be given the best life an iguana could possibly have!

Angel Flys to Reno

This video shows the first time I brought Angel on a flight with me. The airlines absolutely refuse to let any reptile on board. It is sad because they just don’t understand and refuse to listen to reason so I did the next best thing, shipped her in cargo on the same flight I was on.

After a brief introduction, the video shows me opening the box in Southwest Cargo and taking her out! Spoiler alert…she did great!

Since then she has traveled over 40,000 miles!

I created a page dedicated on how to travel with your reptile as well.

Angel climbs the tree

This one shows how I got Angel out of the tree. Pretty cool how she came to me when she was asked to come down and I gave her a way. Only to show, she just didn’t know how to get down and needed my help!

ANgel goes Boogie boarding

On warm days, there is nothing Angel likes more than the excitement of the beach. So much going on and so much to experience! It was a day when the water was warm and Angel just couldn’t wait to jump in!