May 2017- Angel the Explorer

May 2017 Angel the explorer

What a difference I’ve seen in the last week of May, leading up to June. Angel insisted on rubbing her nose on the glass to get outside in the yard from her lounging area in my room. Over and Ove again, she tried to push thru the glass. I finally got fed up and realized my “no’s” were going “no” where. So I pushed open the glass and pushed her out with a good-riddens. Of course this meant watching her and iguana sitting for an hour or so.

Amazingly, she was happy the first hour, just lounging and observing the yard from her comfy observation deck.

When she did leave to explore, she just wanted to take a walk around and ended up making a loop, and headed for the arbor in the corner. After she had a long walk, I brought her in and took her for a ride to get her mind off the yard.

But her persistence of exploration continued through the day.

Brining her home and allowing her to roam from the garage east side around to the back yard seemed like a good thing to do, but I got distracted and let her roam unattended for 10 minutes. Usually she is a slow mover, but she was a mover and shaker yesterday. By the time I went out to check on her progress of travel, I realized she was not in sight.

Knowing her only too well, I looked up at her ultimate goal of the tree covered arbor and there she was, smack dab in the middle of it.

Making good use of a 10 foot ladder and a push broom, I was able to get her to move to the opposite end and get her down, thought it took a big effort. She is getting stronger and the day is coming where she may be able to out power me when her claws are clamped down and I can’t get a good hold of her. Yes, my girl is growing at a fast pace, and my once cute little iguana is growing in to the big kind of lizards. This is why you train them, and take time to tame them with kindness and patience. Instinct will kick in and you will be in a pickle if you haven’t’ taken the time to cuddle and handle them frequently.

Though, remember it is never too late. If you find yourself with a wilder, unhandled, once unloved iguana, the best remedy is night cuddles, taking them from there bed at night and cuddling them next to you in an electric blanket. Make sure the first thing they see is you. Take the time to pet and stroke and talk gentle to them. You will be amazed at how sweet they are and how much of a difference there is with your relationship. The will actually begin to like and appreciate the mornings together, event thought removing them from a deep sleep in the night may be hare.

Back to angel, she spent the entire day traveling about the yard, I took her for various ride and we had fun.

She slept like a baby and today I plan on another day a exploration and adventure for her. May is a great time to be an iguana!