Iguana Whispering

Animals think. Animals know.

Animals feel love, kindness, sorrow, misery and all of the emotions we feel.  Animals do not judge or pretend. They do not slight or disregard. They just feel and do what comes natural.

They are proud and driven by ego. When secure and content, they feel happy and thrive When fearful and forgotton, they are anxious and sad.

Animals are aware of what is going on around them. They take in smells and sounds and sights and vibrations and our intentions and emotions are is clear to them as the weather is to us. They are blessed with an understanding that gives them an edge.

Their communication is evident to them, but foreign and silent to us. Since they do not speak, we think they are naïve and unaware of what we think and what is going on around them. But we are wrong. We are the stupid ones to feel so supreme.

It is about time we treat them as fellow beings on this earth. It is time we listen to what they have to say. It is time we took time to understand them and love them and respect them for who they are not just what they are.


And how do we do that? It is so simple. We see them and hear them with our heart. We look into their eyes and the spirit within.

I teach iguana whispering by establishing a platform of communication using harmony of mind, body and spirit. Anyone can do it as long as they are willing to accept that within us all is the Spirit of God. It is thru our spirits that we unite and communicate with any living creature. It is my mission to teach you how.