January 2018 – My Girl!

Angel has really turned into my girl! It is winter, maybe that is why the cuddling continues to warm my heart! We spent a month in Reno and she was hesitant of the house when we returned. My roommate Karla commented on her size when we returned, and yes, she has grown a lot!

The first week back she was found hiding in cold places. She seems to be fearful of her snuggle space. I tried turning the light on in the closet and this didn’t seem to help. I decided split up my lunches and this seemed to help. She wanted me help in going to bed, maybe my protection from the imaginary iguana in the closet. So she would go to bed at 2:30pm…crazy girl, but I obliged her.

Now back for nearly a month, she is back to normal and anxious to get outside as soon as she gets up in the morning. It is cool, so I put down a heating pad. She is finally accepting her territory and is being trustworthy outside on her lounge. Even when she gets down, she heads for the back door, which is impressive.

I don’t trust her alone outside yet, I still have to be watching her from my room. Trees are being trimmed tomorrow. It will be a big change for her and me. Hoping they do a good job, since it is our Zen den.

Overall I find the middle of the night move working well to help tame her, by this I mean taking her from her bed and bringing her to mine in the early morning). It is working well, waking up next to me, with her little head on my arm. Cuddling her in when I get up to go to work. Lots of one on one time and a bit a singing. Her favorite song right now is “It had to be you!