December 2017 – Christmas Vacation

Angels progress is amazing. She is so intelligent and I need to make more of an effort in training her now.

We are in Reno and life if not as fun for her in the winter as in other times of the year.

She is lounging much more, laying in the window and watching the world go by.. I let her roam thru the house abit in the afternoon, to stretch her legs and have some stimulation, though there isn’t a lot going on. I take her for car rides when the sun is out and the temperature is acceptable.

I have to supplement her with acidophilus to keep her stools soft. Her eating has dramatically decreased, which is par for traveling and the being the winter. She snuggles in early into the top bunk, which she loves. She usually goes to bed about 3-4pm, which is quite early for a lizard, but it is the way she has always been. I relate it to being in the shelter so long and on her own when she was young. It must have been difficult, finding safe lodgings when she was just a little thing. She just loves to cuddle in and absolutely hates to get out of bed in the morning…ha! Don’t we all!!

She is just becoming a young adult. Needing a lot of baths in the dry weather. She still has some skin issues from her time in the shelter

I have been busy for the last two months preparing my book for publication and kindle.

My goal for the new year is to devote more time to her and continue with my Iguana Whisperer Series.