How Iguanas See the Day

To understand the iguana you begin by looking at the world thru their eyes.

Babe in his yard

As a human, we wake up and think about what we need to do, and when and how we are going to it. We plan and decipher and execute.

When an animal wakes up for the day, instinct drives them.

An iguana will first look at his surroundings. Watch him and immediately he looks out the window to see what the weather is like. They are fascinated by the way the sun moves across the sky, the shadows they create, the changes it makes on the colors, and everything it touches as time progresses.

If they are safe and warm inside the house, they love a stormy day, there is nothing more entertaining to them.

DAy in the Life of BAbe
Day in the Life of Babe

They love wind. The way the branches move and the sound it creates as it caresses the leaves.

They love to watch the rain, hear it dropping to the ground, and watch it play on the puddles it creates.

If it is a sunny day, they may rub on the glass to get out because sunshine is their ultimate high. They love the way the it caresses and warms their skin. The color of the light is more vibrant to them. The experience satisfies, embraces and permeates their inner core.

This is why it is important to give your iguana a good view of the world outside. They crave and deserve it. It will entertain him, keep his mind sharp and most of all, it will keep him happy and content.

Angel's first days
Angel’s first days

The next his on his mind is what is on the menu for the day. When he arises, give him the security of knowing he has an assortment of delicious delicacies to insure this need is filled. You may notice, if he isn’t hungry right away, he may lay on his food. Yes, they claim it by laying on it. “This is mine, I’ll eat it later, thanks!”

Iguanas are easy to please and that is why I love them so much. They aren’t whiny or needy or demanding. When you eat they don’t beg and bother you for attention… although, my Angel’s eyes are always on my plate. If she’s hungry she’ll choose to check out my dinner before hers. She want’s to eat what I eat, that’s why I always put something on it just for her.

On the contrary, consider yourself lucky if they welcome you into their world. If you want to interact with them, YOU have to be whiny, needy and demanding one. YOU need to beg and bother them for attention.

They are so focused on their surroundings you need to take control and battle a bit to bring them into your life.

Angel's first time at the park
Angel’s first time at the park

Once you have them in your arms, the scenario changes as they find fascination in the new sights and sounds of your world. This is the way they learn. This keeps them happy and healthy.

They usually fuss and seem annoyed, but this is because it’s not natural for an ig to relinquish authority to anyone. Remember, they are the KING, so work with that.

The mind of the iguana is a sponge, ready to absorb all you can give it . By opening up new adventures, you increase the capacity of their minds. They grow smarter, tamer, and much more intelligent. Never underestimate them or think they can’t be conditioned to your way of thinking. NEVER, EVER assume because their brain is small, they don’t have the capacity to learn.

They do! They can! They will!


As iguanas become “humanized” they look forward and crave your attention but it is hard for them to show a need to be loved.

My iguana Babe would draw back when I approached him, giving the appearance of “leave me alone.” But I could look in his eyes and see it. A bit playfulness, which is not normally associated as a reptile trait.

I would back off and then try again. Once again, this cute look in his eyes. It was a game he played with me. Yes, he was truly testing me, really wanting my attention and seeing how hard I would work to pursue him.

At this time, if I wouldn’t pick him up, he was disappointed and would sulk and even pout. In his mind, he thought I didn’t care enough about him to try harder, It showed me the intelligence and beauty within him. Possibly in the wild this happens all the time and we don’t realize it.

He was adorable, kind, and oh so needing of my love. . .and I loved him so, so, so much!